Project 6 – YouTube Channel Commercial

KPTV Square BigSorry for the lack of a great pun there, but sometimes you have to go strictly business. KPTV has a YouTube channel and we want to get the word out to everyone. You job is to create a 30 second ad that promotes your fellow students’ work and does it effectively.

The two images in this post link to the high quality versions of the YouTube and KPTV logos to use. You must use them both in this project at some point of another, and mention that the URL is

youtube-logoVideos will be due Wednesday April 16 by the end of the school day. If you drop that day, it is still your responsibility.

Project 5 – Walking Contest

Take this  as your inspiration to think about the weird things that people do. What goes through your head when you’re in an awkward situation? Is the situation even really that awkward? Go ahead and be crazy for a minute and start scripting out an inner monologue.

Projects should be done with different shots (from the shot list project) and be anywhere between 60 and 120 seconds. Due date is to be determined.

Project 3 – March Event Commercial

Find an event on the school’s calendar to make a commercial for. This must be 30-35 seconds long, and convey the important information like where, when, who, and what cost.


Reminder – use the Shot List Tracker to keep track of which shots you still need to use.

Intro TV – Shot List Project

I never want to see any completed video in this class only have one shot the entire time. I expect that you all make the most out of the fact you do not need to use a razor to cut actual film and attach it to the next. To make sure that doesn’t happen you will complete this checklist with your group by the end of the class. The idea is not to do a bunch of shots like the image above and call it a day – instead you need to start incorporating as many of these into your various videos throughout the semester. The final version will be exported to me in the order the shots appear on the list with a title over the bottom corner saying which type of shot it is.

If you are unsure of what the shot is, how to do it, or how you can do it better then ask me! It is actually what I am here for.

Click here to download the Shot List Project 2014 and start keeping track however you feel is appropriate.

Intro TV Project #2 – Going Back To Sesame Street

There are so many different  aspects to making great videos, some of them more subtle than others. This next project is to get you thinking about how text can be manipulated to be more entertaining, more informative, and – well – pretty looking. Below are a few examples of how the people at Sesame Street do this using animation.

Your job now, is to find one or more SAT Vocabulary words (Google is your friend) and come up with your own version of this. The entire length of this project will only be 10-30 seconds, but I expect everyone to be paying attention to detail! You will be using the Title tool as well as Keyframes. Click here for Adobe’s own explanation of how to use keyframes but flag me down if you need help! It’s is literally what I am here for.

One important thing to remember is that you will need to use multiple text layers to accomplish all of this. Putting the entire word on one title will not work for this project, so don’t even bother trying!

Lastly, think of sound effects, colors, backgrounds, other images you would want to use, who will be doing your voiceover, and of course what word or words you will be using.

Digital Media Course Description

Please watch this video and tell me first, what your favorite part is, then tell me what you would like to learn about. This course is about content creation as much as it is understanding the history behind certain topics.

This means you will research topics, and figure out how you want to communicate those ideas – using visuals, in text, with audio, or a mix of all three – any way you can think of that works.

There will be articles to read and reflect on regardless of what track you decide to go down, and you will also need to do the Creative Challenges. I want each person to start a Google Doc with me that will be used to keep track of what is to be done and I will communicate about when things will be due.